The Big Idea

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When BlackDog refers to brand, the brand, or branding, you can be sure that we’re not talking about your logo. When we talk brand we’re talking about a much bigger inspiration: The Big Idea.

The Big Idea that possesses the psyche and triggers the zeal of a working community. The Big Idea that inspires change, grabs hold of an opportunity, and purposes to do what no one else had the courage to do. The sort of Big Idea that wins over the last skeptic, pushes the limits, makes something bold happen, and escalates enthusiasm to a visceral level. The kind of Big Idea that has the power to turn heads, change minds, and re-order the hierarchy from who has the business to a more just system of who deserves the business. The kind of Big Idea that’s deserving of a little attention, please.

The Big Idea isn’t hype, spin, or hoopla.

The Big Idea very often begins with a question. “What do we want this company to look like when it grows up”, or “What organizational flaws are clues to my true strengths”, or “Given our expertise and proximity to other area businesses what need can we meet (locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally)”  While explanations get bogged down with details, the Big Idea, vividly painted in clear strokes of purpose and outcomes, has the power to clarify. The Big Idea is easily understood, passed on and carried forth. The Big Idea is clear and compelling, serves as a unifying focal point of effort, and acts as a catalyst for team spirit.

The Big Idea isn’t to be something else, but rather to identify and position the best of yourself.

The Big Idea engages meaning by restoring a sense of purpose beyond the operational, the material, and the financial. The Big Idea is the difference between your working goals and becoming committed to a daunting, inspired challenge. Big Ideas should not be confused for bland mission statements, platitudes, or a list of goals… Big Ideas are compelling and inspirational objectives. Big Ideas are worth talking about, listening to, and supporting.

View or download  Big Idea Brochure (pdf) >>

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